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Are you a passionate, experienced teacher in the delivery of Cheerleading and Dance? Do you want to be successful in a job you can love to work in? Would you like to add a Pre School class for your Cheerleading programme? Then Cheertots® may just be for you!

As a Cheertots®Licensee you will be able to deliver our Cheertots® Programme designed for ages 2-5 years, by following our choreographed routines to our specially created cheertots® music! 

Cheertots® follows a structured lesson, with a focus to grow and develop the fundamental movement skills. A fun lesson that engages children and builds confidence, self esteem- and body awareness. Our choreography has skills to develop coordination, strength, flexibility, and hand eye-coordination. This is a great platform for children to complete prior to attending a Cheerleading or Gymnastics Academy. 

What does a Cheertots® Coaches Course Involve?

On our Cheeertots® coaches course, you will take part in a practical session, learning the choreography to our routines. This includes, Warm Up, Stretch, Shapes, Rolling, Cheerleading Arm Motions, Travelling, Jumping, Using Pom Poms, and cool down. We even have our own Cheertots Theme tune! 

You will also learn various games, and activities we lead using lots of different equipment! 

The course aims for you to have the knowledge, competence and the skills to deliver a successful Cheertots® class. 

Our course also includes, Health and Safety, Delivery of a Coach, and how to launch and maintain your classes.


The pre requisites for our Cheertots Coaches Course is a solid understanding of basic Cheerleading, Gymnastics and/or Dance Skills. This can be proven in a number of ways.

1. Qualification in Cheerleading or Gymnastics ( Level 2 equivelent)

2. Teacher Certification with a reputable training provider ( RAD, IDTA,or a BA hons)

3. Qualified Teacher Status ( QTS) in Early Years/PE/Dance 

Licensing Fee 

Coaches who complete our Cheertots Coaches Course are eligible to use 'Cheertots®' name in their marketing and promotions. Certified Coaches are also eligible to utilize our logo, Cheertots® lesson plans, choreography and music. Cheertots®charges an annual licensing fee of £120 payable on the anniversary of your certification. Year one of your licence fee is included in your course registration cost. Failure to keep annual licensing fee up to date will result in loss of licensing and access to Cheertots® resources. Your Licence fee allows you to teach as many Cheertots® classes as you want. This includes nurseries and pre schools. 

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Teachers must complete our Cheertots Waiver form PRIOR to the course.



You will need:

  • A pen and notebook
  • Water and or a snack
  • Wear comfortable teaching wear as you will be learning the cheertots choreography. 
  • A computer/Ipad with a solid internet connection and battery life. You will be responsible for ensuring you have adequate internet speeds to permitclear video viewing. 
  • Space large enough for you to be able to move around safely


Please complete and submit the form below.

I Hereby consent to Cheertots (JB Sports and Dance Ltd) processing my personal data which I have supplied for the purpose of booking a class and/or course . I understand that I have a choice not to grant my consent or, once given, to withdraw my consent at any one time. I acknowledge that witholding or withdrawing my consent to process this data may restrict the services and activities available through Cheertots and may cause administrative delays. I understand information will be processed in line with Cheertots Data Privacy Notice. I can also confirm I have read the Privacy notice on this website.
This is to certify that I as a participant, do consent for the taking part of all LIVE online and Practical courses delivered by Cheertots. I do consent and agree not only to his/her release of all releases, but also to release and idemnify the releases from and all liabilities incident to my involvement in these programs for myself, my heirs, assigns and next of kin.
I agree that my information is correct and entered onto a secure database owned by Cheertots ( JB sports and Dance Ltd), and will not be shared by anyone else.
I agree that Cheertots ( JB sports and Dance Ltd) can contact me via Address, Email or Telephone.
I confirm that I give full permission for Cheertots ( JB Cheer and Dance Academy) to record/ film or take photographs during the Cheertots Coaches Course. I confirm I am happy for this to be shared on social media as part of advertising future coaching courses,