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Cheertots® SOFTPLAY

Our Cheertots® Softplay Packages are available to book now. 

Please complete the booking form below if you wish to Hire our Softplay. 

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1. I confirm I will pay the deposit of £10 upon booking the softplay package
2.I confirm to pay the remaining balance upon collection or prior to colleting the soft play package.
3. I confirm I will leave a £50 deposit when collecting the Softplay as a Refundable deposit.
4. I confirm that I will take full responsibility for the observation and play on the soft play.
5. I confirm NO adults will use the soft play equipment.
6.I confirm that there will be no smoking, drinking or food near the softplay equipment.
7. I confirm this is for indoor use only.
8. I confirm that I will supervise all children using the softplay.
I confirm that I accept the terms and conditions stated above and within this form and take full responsibility to ensure these terms and conditions are adhered to.
I Hereby consent to JB Mascots and Events and JB Sports and Dance Ltd , processing my personal data which I have supplied for the purpose of Hiring softplay equipment. I understand that I have the choice not to grant my consent or, once given, to withdraw my consent at any one time. I acknowledge that witholding or withdrawing my consent to process this data may restrict bookings. I understand my information will be processed in line with JB mascots and Events data Privacy Policy. I can confirm that I have ready the Privacy Notice on the website.